Eastern Shore Fan Con
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The Eastern Shore Fan Con will offer panels all day long. From anime to gaming to comics and beyond The Eastern Shore Fan Con is excited to bring a wide range of informative and entertaining panels to its attendees.

Panels from Eastern Shore Fan Con 2014

Panel Room #2147

11:00 – 12:00
World Design: Developing a rich fantasy world for games and stories.

12:20 – 1:20
Wondering how to get Started Writing Chiptunes or "8-bit" Music?: At this workshop you'll learn how to use tracker software to make authentic chipmusic, starting with a short tutorial. Then you can watch a crowd-chosen song come together from scratch. Feel free to bring a laptop and follow along; free software is available!

1:40 – 2:30
AMV 101: Here you will learn the basics in creating your very own AMV's.

2:40 – 3:40
AMV Contest: The AMV contest will be held here. To sign up for the AMV Contest please head over to the A.C.T.I.O.N./Information table for a form.

4:00 – 6:00
Mod Your Goggles:
(workshop is $15 and limited to 12 attendees) Whether for adventure or invention, goggles are the most stylish safety equipment around. In this workshop you'll modify welder's goggles to create your own look using leather and metal scraps in this hands-on workshop. If you have special trinkets or baubles you'd like to bring, feel free to add your own flair!

Panel Room #2146

11:10 – 12:10
Steampunk Fashion: Steampunk clothing looks good on everyone, young or old, rail thin or pleasantly portly. How can you create those fascinating steampunk costumes for yourself? We will cover steampunk fashion for any age and any budget, covering neo-Victorian, multicultural influences, and putting the punk into steampunk.

12:30 – 1:00
Creating Believable and Memorable Characters in Science Fiction and Fantasy: Delve into the key aspects of creating and developing those traits that bring a character to life and that connect with readers and gamers in ways that allows them to love and care about the character beyond the story or the game. Hosted by Eric Cooper

1:20 – 2:20
Comic Book Character Design: This workshop will serve as a crash course to teach the basics on comic book character design. Attendees with characters already in development will receive tips on how to take their characters to the next level. For those attendees now formulating their universe, they will learn how to go about starting the process. This Workshop is perfect for all skill levels, and for writers and artists alike. Taught by Shawn Alleyne.

2:40 – 3:20
Webcomics and You: Understanding how webcomics work and how to get the most out of reading and creating them presented by Scott Markley and Ryan Tompson.

3:40 – 4:40
3-D Animation: The Ins and outs of digital 3-D animation.

5:00 – 5:45
Creating Comics: PLB comics will walk attendees through the development of creating a comic book. From inception to finished product, the PLB team will touch on all aspects of the creation process.

*Please note times and panels are subject to change. Thank You.
Eastern Shore Fan Con