Eastern Shore Fan Con
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The Eastern Shore Fan Con offers several options for companies to advertise their products and services. We will be offering advertising opportunities on our website, in our show program as well as sponsorship of our events such as the costume contest. We are also considering show bags that would include informational fliers, pamphlets or catalogs as well as samples from sponsors. If you would be interested in getting you message out to our attendees contact James Dufendach at promotions@plbcomics.com

Currently we are actively seeking companies interested in the following:

Distribute promotional items:
Do you have promotional posters, stickers, demo disks, pens, comics, books or anything at all that you would like to get in front of our attendees? Please email us, if we feel that your promo is something that our attendees would value then we will happily give them out at no cost to you. Attendees love swag and promotional items are a fantastic way to get your name out there!

Sponsors for our contests:
We will be giving away prizes to winners of our costume contest, video game tournaments and AMV contest. How would you like to provide those prizes? We will both announce that you were the provider of the prizes during the contest as well as putting a line in the program stating that the contest was generously sponsored by you along with your company contact info.

Who loves free swag at a con? Everyone, including us! The fine companies below will be supplying attendees of the Eastern Shore Fan Con with awesome stuff... FREE

Eastern Shore Fan Con